Personalized Estate PlanningDon’t risk losing everything you spent a life time acquiring, David J. Franks has over 20 years of experience in “Estate Planning” we specialize in simplifying the process and assuring our client that all aspects and needs are addressed and proper filed. With our firm you can rest easy knowing that when the time comes for these documents to be used they will perform exactly as outlined giving you and your family unprecedented legal protection assuring your every wish is fulfilled in a timely manner.

“Estate Planning” Is a broad category of law that includes “Wills, “Trusts” and “Probate” each one of these areas of law have many subcategories. This page explains the different areas and what they might mean to you.

Anyone who has assets whether young or old, should have a will. It is never too early to think about obtaining a properly formatted and legal binding will. If you die without a will your family will go through a confusing –often expensive- legal headache to determine who inherits your personal belongings, estate, and any remaining money.

There are thousands of product on the market, which promise low cost wills – from which you can build your own will. Be cautious, will kits like computer software for purchase at local retailers or office supply stores, and/or any of the hundreds of internet websites that offer free or low cost Will templates. None of these products can properly outline or include each unique individual’s needs, and from a legal prospective most of the “low cost” will builders do not hold up in court, due to not being properly formatted or notarized. Every will looks good until the will is contested, that’s when you need the power of Franks & Roeder to make sure all of your wishes are granted exactly as outlined in your will whether contested or not. Our wills have the legal power to eliminate any outside threats regardless of who contests the will.